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Major: Geology

College/Employer: Claremont Colleges

Year of Graduation: 2018

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Past Classes

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High Performance Driving: Racing Theory and Technique in Splash Spring 2018
Part lecture, part discussion, this class teaches situational awareness that will make students faster on a track and safer on the street. It is taught by a Sports Car Club of America racing driver. Topics include seating position, vision, determining the fastest route through a corner, and maximizing grip. The goal is to empower students to become more skilled and more alert drivers by teaching them how to direct their focus.

Beat your Friends at Scrabble in Splash Spring 2016
Years ago I read a Scrabble strategy guide that blew my mind. Almost overnight, my scores shot up by 50%. In this crash course, I attempt to condense that book into a one-hour session. The quick tips I will teach have the potential to transform your game. You'll never look at a Scrabble board the same way again. Topics covered include: the power of two-letter words, prioritizing tiles, balancing your rack, finding "bingos," maximizing use of bonus squares, strategic board positioning, and more!