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RISHOV CHATTERJEE, Pitzer Junior, STEM Enthusiast, Entrepreneur

Major: Computational Neuroscience

College/Employer: Claremont Colleges

Year of Graduation: 2018

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Rishov is a current sophomore at Pitzer College majoring in Computational Neuroscience.
He has a big passion for STEM / STEAM education and questions the current impact of what students are learning in secondary education. He is also an upcoming tech entrepreneur who wants to help students enjoy what they're learning and help them form great ideas to bolster an entrepreneurship spirit.
Rishov is also an app developer with a great library of tools in front-end and back-end programming languages and frameworks. He has worked for three start ups: BigNerve, Slade Visual Arts and Fairfax Fashion as a Software Engineer, Senior Web Developer and Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Crafting his own entrepreneurship venture, STEMCube, Rishov is looking for motivated individuals to work with him in his company to create an everlasting impact in STEM education throughout the country.
In his free time, Rishov likes to compose his own music on the piano, conduct biological research on brain and metabolic diseases, binge eat while watching Netflix shows and write op-ed pieces about important issues in society.

Past Classes

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X166: STEM Education, Tech Entrepreneurship, Information Revolution in Splash Spring 2016 (Feb. 27, 2016)
Do you want to learn how companies like Facebook and Twitter make so much money? Do you want to learn how to create your own business by building an app? You'll learn about app design and the programming fundamentals needed to make your potential businesses and ideas thrive. But hold on, there's much more involved. Have you ever questioned what you're learning in your math and science classes? How do you feel about learning math and science in general? The majority of students in our generation don't like math and science. You will learn to build perspective of your own education in this course. You'll also learn the concept of information and how vital it is to convey across an array of applications in your everyday life. The aim is for this course to make you feel enlightened in a variety of fields, but also putting into perspective on the interpolation of our information era, your education and the journey towards becoming a tech entrepreneur.

S181: Neurodegeneration: Concept & Research in Splash Spring 2016 (Feb. 27, 2016)
Neurodegeneration is a molecular mechanism in many species in the planet. For humans, it leads to diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and for some individuals, hereditary illnesses like Huntington’s disease and Lou Gherig’s disease. In this course, you’ll learn about the concept of neurodegeneration at the molecular and evolutionary level, different types of research that has been conducted in trying to understand how neurodegeneration works and genetic engineering experiments that have been done to tackle neurodegeneration at various levels of organization, in-silico, hands-on techniques to experiment with at home to study neurodegeneration on your own as a budding bioinformatician and also the basics of molecular and systems biology in a nutshell.