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RISHOV CHATTERJEE, Data Science Major at Pitzer College, Entrepreneur

Major: Data Science

College/Employer: Claremont Colleges

Year of Graduation: 2019

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I'm the first student at Pitzer College to major in Data Science. I believe that advances in artificial intelligence are driving the future, but there is a lot more to think about than just automation and machine learning. I trust the power of human-centered design and the impact of the humanities to drive better decision-making processes in everything in our world. I am also an advocate for STEM education while running a STEM education-based startup called STEMCube. Other than these academic and noble pursuits, I am quite often seen playing video games, watching binge-worthy television shows at home and living it up on the weekends.

Past Classes

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Emergent and Disruptive Technologies in Splash Spring 2018
This course will give you an introduction to the concepts of "emergent" and "disruptive" technologies which are basically the technologies that are making a significant impact on our world. We'll specifically cover advances in medicine, transportation, entertainment, and economics. You'll learn all the key words, latest developments, and truly come out of this course with an understanding of what it takes to make a technology disruptive or emergent and how you can also take part in the new technological revolution.

Intro to Data Science and Machine Learning in Splash Spring 2018
In this course, we'll be talking about the #1 job on Glassdoor called Data Science. We'll answer questions such as what exactly is this fascinating field and how does it differ from mathematics or computer science? We'll also go over things such as how to become a data scientist and I'll even teach beginners how to program in Python and build a basic stock market prediction app. We'll go over all the math and computer science concepts related to Data Science and even go over concepts in Data Mining, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to really get everyone excited about this field.