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HENRY DERUFF, CMC senior studying Philosophy, Politics, and Econ

Major: Philosophy, Politics, and Econ

College/Employer: Claremont Colleges

Year of Graduation: 2018

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Hi! My name is Henry, and there are a few things I love that I want to share with you.

I love being outside, and I like to think a lot about the questions that go with it. Why are humans fascinated by the wilderness? What is our place in it? How can nature teach us about ourselves?

I also love philosophy and all of its questions. Does such a thing as the "mind" exist, and is it separate from the body or tied to it? What is human consciousness? Does morality exist and what reasons do we have to be moral, if any? What is the proper role of a government and how should it interact with its people?

A little about me: I'm a senior at CMC, and I study Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. When I'm not in class, I help direct the CMC Outdoor Initiative, which helps CMCers get into the outdoors, and am also one of CMC's RAs - one of my favorite things is community building! In my free time, I like to run, bike, hike, and spend time with my friends.

Past Classes

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P267: Life's Hardest Decisions and How We Make Them in Splash Spring 2018 (Feb. 24, 2018)
Have you ever been faced with an ethical dilemma? Maybe you've had to choose between sticking by a friend when they've done something bad, or thought about whether or not to lie to a family member because you feel like the truth might hurt them. We face problems like these every day, and how we act in these situations is often indicative of who we are as people. What are our responsibilities to others? To ourselves? To society? In this class, we'll begin with an introduction to three standard ethical theories, debate between them and decide which one (if any!) we believe, and try to solve some of these dilemmas.

H228: Government from Nothing: An Experiment in Political Creativity in Splash Spring 2017 (Feb. 25, 2017)
Imagine yourself in a state in which there are no previously set rules and no distinctions between you and the next person. You get to decide: How should this society be governed? Why should people listen to your ideas - what do they get out of it? In this class, we'll start with the above simulation and then get into some of the various political philosophies that exist! Come learn some philosophy and decide which one you believe!