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ELI COHEN, Pomona first-year seldom found being too serious

Major: Undecided

College/Employer: Claremont Colleges

Year of Graduation: 2019

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X163: Oratory, Persuasive Speech, and Effective Communication in Splash Spring 2016 (Feb. 27, 2016)
In the course of a day, you have countless genius thoughts. We all know, however, that communicating these thoughts to other people -- with the same clarity, persuasiveness, and genius -- is never easy. What's the snag? Why is it so hard to articulate our ideas to others? Why don't the ideas is your head sound just as awesome when you speak them aloud? These are the questions of rhetoric. Rhetoric, or the art of persuasive speech and writing, is a powerful tool. It is so powerful that Plato feared it would dominate society. Aristotle found the art so formidable, he wrote three volumes teaching his students how to use it. This course is less concerned with the classics, however, and more concerned with giving you the tools to express yourself clearly and convincingly. Language is influence. Take this course to learn why. Walk away knowing how to wield such influence for yourself.