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Major: Not available.

College/Employer: Claremont Colleges

Year of Graduation: 2018

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A241: Crash Course in Comics in Splash Spring 2018 (Feb. 24, 2018)
Love super heroes? Enjoy manga? Read webcomics? Even if none of these apply and you want to try your hand at making your own stories, join us! Topics for this course will include storytelling, character creation, paneling, contrast and more! We just want to make some art you are proud of and give you the tools you need to tell your story.

A141: A Crash Course in Comics in Splash Spring 2016 (Feb. 27, 2016)
Learn some of the basics for illustrating your own comic. Topics covered will include paneling, contrast, readability, storytelling, character creation, thumbnails, and more! We will teach you how to create your own mini comic. Please bring your own pencils/erasers, and any other supplies you’d like to draw with.