Welcome to ESP

Welcome to Claremont Splash!

Are you a 9th,10th, 11th or 12th grader who wants to learn interesting things from interesting college students? Well, then you're on the right page!

What is Splash?

Splash is a FREE one-day weekend event where you will come to Harvey Mudd College and take some super-cool classes of your choosing taught by students from the Claremont Colleges.

How do I register?

Create an account on the right sidebar, then click HERE to register and sign up your classes. Please email if you experience any problems.

How do I change my registration information?

Return HERE to change your registration information. Please email if you experience any problems.

Why should I come?

Because it is a lot of FUN and you can learn some really neat stuff and make a lot of awesome new friends!

What courses are there?

Check out our 2019 catalog: here. 2020 classes are on their way!

When is it?

Saturday, February 23th, 2019

When is registration open?

Online registration will be open from February 6 through 11:59 pm on February 21st. If space allows, there will also be day-of registration at Splash. However, you should sign up as soon as possible to get your first choice of classes!

What is the schedule for the day?

Check-in begins at 8am for students whose first class is at 9am. Students whose first class is later should arrive at least 15 minutes before their first class. The program has classes from 9am to 4pm. Classes are one to three hours long. There are two lunch blocks - one from 11am to noon and another from noon to 1pm. For more specific information about our schedule, please see the catalog.

What about lunch?

You can buy lunch for $5 day of or bring your own. There are meat and vegetarian options, however if you have other dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten free, lactose free, allergies, etc.) you might need to bring your own lunch. Please email us at if you have any questions.

How much does it cost for classes?

Splash is FREE. Yup that's right. Please see the lunch question for food details.

More questions? Contact us at

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